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Before using the Parkway Application, please read carefully and confirm that you fully understand the terms of this agreement, and please pay special attention to and carefully read the terms related to the User’s rights and obligations. Such terms may be in bolded font, including but not limited to liability exemption clauses.

I. General Rules

1. Parkway Application—The term "Parkway Application" in this Agreement individually or collectively refer to the Parkway online service platform such as the internet website, WeChat website, WeChat public account, WeChat applet, etc.

All Users should carefully read this Agreement before using Parkway Application.

2. Parkway—The term "Parkway" under this Agreement means Parkway (Shanghai) Hospital Management Co., Ltd. and/or the relevant hospitals or clinics shown on Parkway Application.

3. Contents and Legally Binding—This Agreement includes all the following terms and conditions and various rules, specifications, statements, notices, etc. that have been or may be published by Parkway Application in the future. All of the foregoing rules, specifications, statements, notices, etc. will be deemed to be part of this Agreement and, together with the body of the Agreement, constitute a legally binding agreement between the User and Parkway. User’s browsing, logging in, using or connecting to Parkway Application will be deemed that the User has fully understood, accepted and agreed to comply with this Agreement. If the User does not agree to the foregoing, the User should immediately contact Parkway to cancel the User's account on Parkway Application and stop using Parkway Application.

4. Modification by Parkway—Parkway has the right to modify this Agreement and notify the User through the announcement published on Parkway Application. If the User intends to continue to use Parkway Application after the Agreement is updated, the User shall read, accept and comply with the updated Agreement.

II. User Account

1. Registration and Maintenance—The User should complete account registration in accordance with the guidelines and instructions on Parkway Application (where necessary). Upon completion of the account, the User is solely responsible for his/her use of the account.

The User shall not lend or transfer the account to other persons or permit other persons to use its account on Parkway Application, otherwise the User shall be liable for all the consequences and liabilities that may arise therefrom.

2. Unauthorized Use—The User acknowledges, understands and agrees that, due to technology limitations, Parkway is unable to spot or screen for illegal or unauthorized use of User account and password, therefore, Parkway shall not be liable for the disclosure of User account and password not caused by Parkway, nor be liable for the consequences thereof.

The User shall notify Parkway immediately if the User discovers that his/her password or account has been unauthorizedly disclosed or used or there is any other security issue relating to his/her account.

3. Account Cancellation—The User has the right to cancel his account registered on Parkway Application at any time, and the cancellation of account can be made by dialing the number shown on Parkway Application.

III. Online Self-Service

1. Online Self-Service—Online self-service refers to the self-services the User completes by himself/herself on Parkway Application, such as making appointment, online registration, searching for medical examination results, getting and paying bills, etc. For this purpose, the User agrees to provide relevant User information as required by Parkway Application and hereby specifically authorizes Parkway to use, record and store such information for the purpose of providing services to the User.

2. Correlation with Medical Record—The User understands and agrees that Parkway may correlate the User's medical records through User's name, ID number, mobile phone number and other Personal Information, so that Parkway can better understand the User and provide better services to the User.

3. Third Party Involvement—The User is aware that the contact details provided by the User are essential for Parkway to contact and verify the identity of the User, hence the User shall ensure the contact details provided to Parkway are accurate. If the User leaves the contact details of a third party as his/her contact information on Parkway Application, it is deemed to authorize such third party to access the User's information ( including but not limited to information of the User himself/herself and/or the Patient (refers to definition below) connected with the User’s account), through online self-service, and Parkway shall not be liable for any consequences (including but not limited to the leakage of the information of the User and / or the Patient connected with the User’s account ) caused thereby. If the User, as the guardian (“Guardian”) of a minor or person with limited civil capacity or person without civil capacity (collectively referred to as the “Ward”), leaves his/her contact details on Parkway Application, the User will be able to make appointment for Parkway services for the Ward and inquire about the relevant information of the Ward through Parkway Application.

4. Service Change—The User acknowledges and agrees that for the purpose of optimizing User experience, Parkway may change online self-service content from time to time without notifying the User in advance.

IV. The User Code of Conduct

1. User Code of Conduct—The User should comply with the following Code of Conduct during the use of Parkway Application:

1) The User shall ensure that all User information provided to Parkway through the Parkway Application and/or other channels is true, complete and accurate.

2) The User shall communicate in an equal and respectful manner and in polite language, avoid verbal abuse, intimidation and other offensive behaviors when communicating with doctors or others through Parkway Application;

3) The User may not use Parkway Application for illegal, unethical or unreasonable purposes;

4) The User shall not spread or post on Parkway Application, including but not limited to the information, comments or opinions of inciting the resistance to or undermining the implementation of laws and regulations; inciting to subvert China's state power, destroy China's national unity, violate Chinese social customs and social morality; inciting ethnic hatred, discrimination or disruption of ethnic unity; insulting or slandering others, sexual harassment, or adversely affecting minors, or containing obscene, pornographic, gambling, violence, murder, terror, illegal religion or incitement to crime;

5) The User shall not use Parkway Application to engage in illegal or criminal activities such as stealing trade secrets or stealing Personal Information of other Users;

6) The User shall not disseminate malicious viruses or programs that may cause harm to or affect the operation of Parkway Application or engage in any other activity that interferes with or destroys Parkway Application (or the servers and networks connected to Parkway Application);

7) The User shall not, by himself/herself or permit others to, use the User's account to copy, modify any part of Parkway Application, or create derivative works based on any part of Parkway Application, reverse-engineer, reverse-edit or attempt to extract source code from any part of Parkway Application;

8) The User shall not resell or trade the relevant services he/she obtains through Parkway Application;

9) The User shall not infringe the rights of third parties, especially the privacy or other legitimate rights of others;

10) The User shall not use Parkway Application and its related services to the detriment of the legitimate interests of Parkway and other third parties;

11) The User shall comply with other agreements of this Agreement.

2. Consequences of Non-Compliance—If the User fails to comply with the above Code of Conduct, Parkway reserves the right to suspend or close the User's account and take other measures deemed reasonable by Parkway to restrict or terminate the User's continuous use of Parkway Application-related services. The User shall be responsible for his own words and deeds. The User shall indemnify Parkway against all damages caused by any lawsuit, claim or request from third parties due to the behaviors of the User. In addition, Parkway reserves the right to support the infringed party to safeguard its legitimate right based on relevant facts and law; such support shall include but not limited to disclosing the User’s information relating to the infringement to the infringed party or at the request of the relevant judicial and law enforcement authorities.

V. Interruption and Termination of Service

In the following circumstances, Parkway may, without prior notice to the User, suspend or terminate this Agreement and deny the User’s continuous use of Parkway Application without assuming any legal liability:

1) The User violates or expressly manifest that he/she will not comply with relevant laws and regulations or any provisions of this Agreement;

2) The relevant law or competent authorities require Parkway not to provide services to the User as described in this Agreement;

3) Parkway decides to discontinue the operation of Parkway's Application solely based on its own business plan and decisions.

VI. Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

In addition to other disclaimers in this Agreement, Parkway shall be exempted liabilities for the followings:

1. No Guarantee—In view of the special nature of the healthcare industry, for the consultations about health and disease diagnosis and treatment the User make with Parkway doctors through Parkway Application, Parkway doctors will only provide relevant information or preliminary advice to the User based on the subjective description of the User and the doctors’ professional knowledge and experience in relevant healthcare field. The User acknowledges and agrees that the online answers and suggestions of Parkway doctors shall be for reference only and shall not be used as basis for diagnosis and treatment or substitute for a face-to-face diagnosis and treatment.

2. User Information Disclosure—Parkway shall not be liable for the disclosure of the User’s information as below:

1) The disclosure or any other consequences of the disclosure caused by the User’s voluntary disclosure of his/her account and password to others, authorizing others to use or sharing the account with others;

2) The disclosure of User information caused by hacking, computer virus or other non-Parkway fault reasons;

3) Parkway’s disclosure of the User’s information in accordance with relevant laws and this Agreement.

3. Force Majeure—Parkway shall not be liable for any consequences caused by force majeure events such as typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, fires, power outages, wars, terrorist attacks, etc.

4. Unstable Factors—The User acknowledges and agrees that as the services under this Agreement involves services relating to internet and mobile communications, the service may be interrupted or unable to meet the User's requirements due to various factors such as computer viruses, malicious attacks and technical limitations, so the promptness, security and accuracy of Parkway’s service is not guaranteed and Parkway shall not be required to assume any liability for the failure of receipt of information by the User, mis-transmission of information, disclosure of User’s information and other poor experience of the User caused thereby.

5. System Repair and Maintenance—Parkway reserves the right to suspend any function of Parkway Application for the sake of repair, maintenance or upgrade of Parkway Application or other reasonable commercial purposes by notifying the User through the announcement on Parkway Application.

6. Third Party Resources—The User understands and agrees that relevant information provided by Parkway Application may contain hyperlinks to third party websites or resources, and that Parkway does not endorse or warrant the availability of such external websites or resources, the authenticity, completeness, accuracy and scientificity of the relevant contents contained therein. The User is solely responsible for screening and judging the reliability of such third-party websites or resources as well as the consequences of relying on or use of such websites or resources.

7. Disclaimer for Third Parties—Unless otherwise agreed by the parties or otherwise agreed by Parkway, Parkway shall only be liable for the direct use of Parkway Application and its related services by the User himself/herself in accordance with this Agreement. Parkway shall not be liable for the use of Parkway Application and its related services by persons other than the User or the indirect use of Parkway Application and its related services by the User through others (including but not limited to any consequences due to the reliance by third parties on the information obtained from Parkway Application and disclosed by the User to such third parties).

8. Limitation of Liability—The User acknowledges and agrees that under no circumstances shall Parkway be liable for any indirect, incidental, special, consequential or punitive damages to the User, including but not limited to any loss of profits or foreseeable gain (whether director or indirect), loss of goodwill, business reputation or data, cost for purchase of substitute goods or services, spiritual damages or other intangible losses.

VII. User Information

1. User Information—means all information relating to the User, including Personal Information of the User and / or Patient (see definition below).

2. Personal Information—means various information recorded electronically or otherwise that can individually or in combination with other information identify the User’ and / or Patient' personal identity, including but not limited to User and / or Patient name, profile picture, passport, identity card number, occupation, job title, mobile phone, bank account number, insurance card number, social media account, payment account, e-mail, personal height, weight, gender, age, blood type, personal and family medical history, description of the medical condition, medical needs, insurance information, and other personal physiological signs and medical health information.

3. Patient—refers to the individual who plans to visit or has visited Parkway as patient via appointment or correlation through the Parkway Application.

4. True Information—When using Parkway Application and / or by other circumstances when the User is required to provide the User information, the User shall truthfully and accurately provide his/her Personal Information in accordance with the principle of good faith. Any consequence caused by the falseness or inaccuracy of the User’s information (including but not limited to misdiagnosis, inability to contact the User or any other damages) shall be assumed by the User himself/herself.

5. Delete Violating Information—The information provided or posted by the User on Parkway Application shall be true and conform to the User Code of Conduct and this Agreement, otherwise, Parkway shall have the right to delete the violating information without assuming any liability.

6. Deletion of the User Information—Unless the User’s registration or posting of information violates the Code of Conduct or this Agreement, Parkway will not edit, filter or alter the User's information without the User's consent. If the User wishes to delete or change the information he/she posts on Parkway Application, the User shall contact Parkway for necessary assistance. Parkway Application shall not be responsible for voluntarily deleting the User's information.

7. Third-party Platform Information—If the User registers, logs on, or uses Parkway Application via a third-party platform account (including but not limited to WeChat account), it will be deemed that the User consents and authorizes Parkway Application to obtain and use all the information that the User fills out, registers, publishes or records on such third-party platform. Users shall ensure that all information provided to such third-party platform is true, complete and accurate.

8. Authorized Use—The User hereby expressly authorizes Parkway to read, collect, store and use the User's information for the purpose of providing services to the User and continuously improving Parkway's service and User experience in accordance with the personal data protection provisions of this Agreement. The User reserves the right to contact Parkway at any time to cancel or modify the foregoing authorization, and Parkway will stop or change its services accordingly in accordance with the cancellation or modification of the User's authorization.

9. Information Push—The User agrees that Parkway and / or Parkway Application may send information including notifications, recommendations, promotions, etc. to the User by SMS, telephone, e-mail, instant messaging tool or other lawful means. The User may unsubscribe this by calling the contact number or through other means published on Parkway Application.

VIII. Personal Data Protection Provisions

1. Protection In Accordance With the Law—Parkway attaches great importance to the protection of the Personal Information of the User, and will protect the Personal Information of the User in accordance with relevant PRC laws and regulations and the personal data protection provisions of this Agreement.

2. User's Control Over Personal Information— If the User registers his/her account on Parkway Application and provide Personal Information via this account, he/she can view such Personal Information at any time by logging onto this account. If Personal Information needs to be modified or deleted, the User can dial the phone number listed on the Parkway Application for processing.

3. Refusal to Provide User Information— If the User refuses to provide some or all of the User information when using Parkway Application, the User may not be able to complete online registration, make appointments, check lab test results and bills, make payment or enjoy other self-services through Parkway Application.

4. Information Use and Storage Period— Unless the User deletes the User information or cancels the account in accordance with this Agreement, or refuses Parkway’s collection or use of User information through system settings, Parkway has the right to continue to use User information during the User’s use of the Parkway Application. Parkway will securely store User information in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

5. Information Storage Area —The Personal Information of the User is stored on servers located in the People's Republic of China. If it is necessary to provide it abroad due to business needs, Parkway will obtain the prior consent of the User and will proceed strictly in accordance with the law.

6. Information Collection Principles—Parkway Application will strictly follow the principles of lawfulness, rightfulness and necessity when collecting and using the User' Personal Information.

7. Information Collection Purposes—The Personal Information of the User collected by Parkway Application will be used to provide the User with corresponding services based on User’s appointments or consulting content and to continuously improve Parkway’s service, functions of Parkway Application and User experience.

8. Information Collection Methods—Parkway Application will collect User information through the registration or voluntary provision by the User or through other lawful means.

9. Information Collection Scope—The information collected by Parkway Application may include but not limited to the name, age, gender, nationality, height, weight, blood type, medical insurance-related information, personal and family medical history, medical records and other information related to health management and disease diagnosis and treatment of the User pursuant to the requirements of relevant service items listed on Parkway Application.

10. Use of User Information— The User authorizes Parkway to use, record and store Personal Information for the purpose of providing Users with medical and/or health care related services.

11. Protection Measures—Parkway Application will fulfill its cyber security protection obligations in accordance with the tiered cyber-security protection system of the PRC to avoid interference, destruction or unauthorized access to the network, prevent the disclosure or theft or alteration of the User's Personal Information and to effectively and continuously protect the Personal Information of the User.

If Parkway discovers that Parkway Application has security flaws, vulnerabilities and other security risk, which threatens the security of the User's Personal Information, Parkway will immediately take remedial actions and promptly notify the User accordingly.

12. Security Incident—In the event of a security incident involving the User's Personal Information, Parkway Application will investigate and evaluate the security incident in accordance with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, and promptly inform the User of the situation and its possible impact, the measures that Parkway has taken or will take, the recommendations for the User to take to prevent and reduce the risks as well as the remedial measures for the Users. The notification of the incident will be made by way of notifications, text messages, telephone calls, emails or announcements on Parkway Application.

13. User Responsibility—The User shall, when using Parkway Application, disclose Personal Information at his/her own discretion and with caution, and shall be solely responsible for any personal data disclosure, property damage or other damages caused by his/her improper or indiscreet behaviors.

14. Permissible Disclosure of Information—Parkway may disclose User information under any of the following circumstances:

1) The disclosure is made in accordance with this Agreement;

2) The disclosure has obtained prior express authorization of the User;

3) The information of the User is available to the public in public domains;

4) The disclosure is made in accordance with law or at the request of competent authorities;

5) The disclosure is made in order to safeguard the state or public security, public health, major public interests, carry out criminal investigations, prosecutions, trials or enforcement of court judgements;

6) In an emergency or under other special circumstances, in order to protect the User or other individual's life, property and other major legitimate rights and interests, Parkway has the right to disclose the User's information if a timely consent of the User is not available;

7) Parkway has the right to disclose, transfer or share the User information on the precondition that the identity of the User is not recognizable after the processing of the information ;

8) Other disclosures that are not prohibited by law and deemed appropriate by Parkway.

IX. Protection of Children's Personal Data

Users should carefully read the "Parkway Application Children's Personal Data Protection Policy", and without the consent of the Guardian of a minor under the age of 14 (“Child” or "Children"), Users are not allowed to upload or provide Children's Personal Information through the Parkway Application. If the User as the Guardian of a Child makes an appointment for the Child or link the offline medical information of the Child to the account on Parkway Application, it shall be deemed that the User agrees to provide information of the Child to Parkway Application.

X. Confidentiality

The User shall keep confidential the non-public information of Parkway he/she acquires during the course of using Parkway Application or enjoying services from Parkway. Without Parkway’s consent, the User shall not disclose the above information to third parties or use it for purposes unrelated to receiving services from Parkway.

XI. Advertising and Promotions

The User acknowledges and agrees that Parkway Application may display various offers and/or advertises, and the User will not raise any objection thereto or claim therefor.

XII. Intellectual Property

The User shall not in any way reproduce, quote, link, grab or through other means use all or part of the logo or contents of Parkway Application (including but not limited to the source programs and documents, User interface design, copywriting, etc.) without Parkway's express consent or authorization.

XIII. Applicable Law and Disputes Resolution

1. Applicable Law—The conclusion, execution, interpretation, resolution of disputes and other matters relating to this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the People’s Republic of China (excluding the laws of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan for the purposes of this Agreement).

2. Disputes Resolution—Any dispute arising from the use of Parkway Application shall be submitted to the people's court with jurisdiction in Huangpu District, Shanghai, China, the place where the contract is performed, i.e. the place where Parkway Application operates. Disputes relating to the offline services received by the User at Parkway facilities shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the people's court where the relevant Parkway facilities are located.

XIII. Complaints and Reports

1. If the User finds that Parkway Application has any cyber security issues, or the User has any complaints or suggestions about Parkway Application, or has any questions about this Agreement, the User may contact Parkway by calling the number shown on Parkway Application.

2. For the purpose of ensuring the quality of service, investigating relevant facts and facilitating dispute resolution, Parkway has the right to record the calls between the User and Parkway and to copy and review the relevant recordings for the purpose of resolving disputes, optimizing technology and services, etc.

XIV. Miscellaneous

1. "No waiver"—Parkway’s non-exercise or non-enforcement of any of its statutory or agreed rights or remedies shall not be deemed as a waiver of such rights or remedies by Parkway, nor shall it be regarded as a waiver of other rights or remedies that Parkway has not expressly waived.

2. "Independent Provisions"—If any provision of this Agreement is held invalid by a judicial authority, such invalid clause shall be excluded from this Agreement without affecting the validity of the other provisions of the Agreement; all the other provisions shall remain valid and enforceable.